Air Asia offers India-Australia flight at Rs 13,222; 3,999 for KL

Air Asia will offer prices as low as 3,999 for some of its international flights when it starts flying from India on June 12, according to its website.

According to the website, flights will start from South Indian cities such as Bangalore, Chennai, Kochi and Trichy.

The lowest fares are for flights to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia from Kochi and Trichy, with an all-inclusive price of Rs 3,999 one-way.

The same flight from Chennai would cost Rs 5,299 and Rs 6,299 from Bangalore.

Within Thailand, fares start from as low as Rs 758 to other cities in the country.

From Bangalore, Air Asia will fly only to Kuala Kumpur, while it will fly to three Australian cities — Melbourne, Sydney and Gold Coast, Hong Kong, Singapore and KL from Kolkata.

From Chennai, Air Asia will fly to China, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, Taipei and Thailand, including Phuket and Bankok.

From Kochi, Air Asia will fly to four cities in Australia, includingn Perth, Brunei, Japan, China, South Korea and Singapore.

Some of the flights are much cheaper than competition fares. For example, a flight from Kochi to Syndney is priced at just Rs 13,222, though the return tickets are costlier at 16,789 per person.

Chennai to Bangkok fares are in the Rs 8,300 range, while Kochi to Seoul tickets are costlier at about Rs 30,000.

Air Asia’s Kolkata to Melbourne flights are in the Rs 15,000 range.

Air Asia is a joint venture with Air Asia Berhad holding 49% of the airline, Tata Sons holding 30% and Telstra taking up the remaining 21% in the airline.

The tickets are open for booking now at the airline’s website.