Chennai Airport international flights resume as normal from today

AIRPORTA day after starting domestic operations, Chennai Airport has resumed international flights to and fro from 6 AM today.

Night flight operations will also continue, airport authorities informed.

Among the flights that have landed at Chennai Airport today are TruJet from Shamshabad to Chennai arrived at 0830 and Express India flight from Singapore to Chennai arrived at 10 am.

The facility was ‘under water’ after torrential rains in the South Indian city last week. The airport, which was built over a river, bore the brunt of floods even as an Indian Airforce facility remained functional.

Experts have pointed to poor location of the airport for the facility remaining non-operational for days.

Passengers were forced to catch last minute flights from Bangalore, and some airlines were charging around Rs 60,000 for tickets from Bangalore to Delhi, which you can normally buy for around Rs 4,500-6,000.

Domestic operations started yesterday morning, though night operations were still in suspended mode.