LeEco Le Max3 details leaked, comes with 3.9 Ah battery, SD 821

leeco-le-max-3LeEco’s latest high-end handset, the Le Max3, has just passed certification in China and carries the model number Le X850.

Much of the specifications of the phone are along expected lines and do not change radically from Le Max2, which is the cheapest Snapdragon 820-based phone in India. The model, which comes with a 5.7-inch quad-HD LCD display, is selling in the country for Rs 17,999.

In comparison, the Moto Z, which comes with DDR3 RAM instead of the DDR4 standard found in the Le Max2, is priced at Rs 39,999 in India.

The main attraction, and the point of difference for the Le Max3 model is that it has a 3.9 Ah battery compared with the 3 Ah unit on its predecessor.

However, the larger battery was probably required to support the higher power draw of Snapdragon 821, which operates at a higher clockspeed.

The model that passed certification in China has 4 GB of RAM, though a 6 GB version is also likely to be in the pipeline.

Internal storage, like in case of Le Max2, is 64 GB and operating system is Android 6, and not Android N.

At the back is a dual-camera set-up, while the front unit has an even higher resolution at 16 MP compared to the 13+13 MP unit at the back.

Dual cameras typically give better results as they are able to absorb more details and depth.

The Le Max3 is likely to launch in China in about a month and come to India by early January.