UPDATE: Nokia Lumia 730, 830, 930 launched in India, prices 15k-36k

At long last, Microsoft has launched its 2014 line-up of phones in the mid to high segment, but the rather steep prices have disappointed a few fans.

The Lumia 730 and 830 are mid-range smartphones, while the 930 is at the high end, or what Microsoft today called ‘a true flagship’.

The prices, at Rs 38,649 for the Lumia 930, Rs 28,799 for the 80 and Rs 15,299 for the 730, are much higher than what most people had expected.

In many ways, people were expecting Microsoft to offer the phones at cheaper than normal rates to gain some market share for its Windows Phone operating system. But the tech giant seemed to have decided to bank of Nokia’s brand name in India to ensure that the phones will be bought by the ordinary folk.

In fact, going by the specifications, the Lumia 830 appears very expensive, while the 730 and 930 are fairly priced and by no means cheap.

LUMIA 730 – Wait till price is Rs 14,000

The 730 has been placed as an entry level mid-range smartphone with decent camera prowess, and will be available from October 6.

The phone, according to Nokia, comes with very wide front camera lens that makes sure a larger portion of the background is included in selfies. The 5-MP front camera is also meant to enable just that.

But the rest of its specifications are nothing to write home about. If it was from one of the Indian brands, the Lumia 730 would be priced at about 8,500 rupees, no more. But of course, Nokia’s build quality tends to be better and its camera too is usually a cut above the rest.

But on the downside, the phone comes with Windows Phone operating system, which some users may find inadequate. But overall, we’d rate it a decent buy if Flipkart, Amazon etc. price the phone at around Rs 14,000.

LUMIA 930, Wait till price is Rs 33,000

The highest end Nokia phone launched today, and possible for the whole of 2014, is the 930, and will be available from October 15. This phone does not make any compromises on its specifications. It’s got the works – a Snapdragon 800 series chipset (not the latest, mind you), a full HD 5-inch AMOLED display, 2 GB ram, and a whopping 20 MP high-end camera.

In other words, a great package. It’s been priced at Rs 36,700. Again, if this phone was being launched by Micromax or Spice, the right price for this device would be around 21,000.

We believe the ultimate selling price of this phone would be around Rs 34,500. Would we buy it at that price? In our estimate, the right price for the phone would have been around the Rs 33,000 mark, and we believe it will drop to that level in about a month.

Cons: The size of the display is likely to disappoint. According to our sources, most young males in India now prefer the 5.5-inch display category and the 5-inch is seen as too small. Youngsters should also check out LG G3, priced Rs 40,000 if they are considering buying the Lumia 930.

LUMIA 830, Wait till price is Rs 20,000

While the 730 and 830 are priced slightly above expectations, the 830, which shares a lot of its specifications with the 730, has been pitched at a whopping 28,800, which makes it totally unappealing. The phone will be available from October 8.

If a similar phone was to be launched by an Indian brand, it would be priced at around Rs 11,000.

Even if the phone is made available at around Rs 26,000 online, we’d suggest you to explore other options like the Moto G or consider upgrading to Moto X or Lumia 930. At 26,000, or even at Rs 25,000, it makes no sense to buy the Lumia 830.

We expect the price of the phone fall to the 21,000 range, where we believe it will start gaining consumer traction. As it is priced, it’s a very very long shot.

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